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alex for longer you're the boy. the boat . this is deja news coming to you live from bonnie and major leaders gather in london to mark the military alliances 70th anniversary president declares that the u.s. benefits at least of all war from alliance is still feeling the point of contention at the meeting down by divisions also coming up dried up visit was and parched land
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rather experts tell climate summit in madrid that in the last decade has been the hottest on record to look at what it means to one farmer in south africa. and the ballon d'or goes to women's football or meghan pino and took me on a messy take in the trophy for the record 6th time we talk about the achievements with our sports correspondent. helen welcome i'm honored that you my good to have you with us. a meeting leaders meeting in london to mock the alliance a 70th anniversary has got off to an acrimonious stot us president done trying declared that the united states gets the least benefit from nato commit nato secretary-general against altenburg ahead of the meeting which aims to discuss
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issues including defense financing russia and to try to cyber security from china president trump also lashed out at the french president in modern mcchrystal after the french lead as only a comments that nato was braindead. i would say that you know very nice day for the french you just look back over the last quarter nobody believes they don't want to. and frankly the one benefit is really the least is the stairs we're better believe we're helping your or your rights and go against a common foe maybe not be. there of course. but nobody needs more friends that's where they get one for it's makes a statement like that. it's a very dangerous standard for them to. let's go straight to london and to our correspondent terry shows welcome terry even before the meeting has got underway
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does all of this acrimony we heard what donald trump had to say about the french president where does this all leave us of why are we seeing this kind of action many what can we expect from this meeting. i'm reading of course every time nato leaders get together they all want to use the spotlight to get their own points across i think that maybe some allies will actually be encouraged to hear what president trump said about president mcclellan's criticism of the alliance of course normally it's trump who's the critic in chief of nato so if he's defending the alliance perhaps it's a good thing although i don't think it's completely true to say that france needs needs nato most there may be some countries along the russian border who feel like it's even more essential to their survival so yeah this is this breakfast where president truck made these comments could remind all of us of the kind of things he
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said last year at a breakfast with president sultan about chancellor merkel and being dependent on russian gas so 'd i think it was pretty brave of the alliance to schedule another breakfast with president trump just as things got under way here today to his credit stoltenberg just made a joke about it saying you know it was a great omelet good toast all paid for by the united states. another very contentious issue which is expected to come up terry is president. from turkey saying he will block need 2 plans to make progress in protect better protecting the border take states what does want to see like you to get it. yes these are very serious issues because of course in a alliance that acts by consensus any country can block further progress and what turkey is saying is that it wants more support from other allies to declare groups kurdish groups that it considers as terrorist organizations also as terrorists that
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would mean that the united states would have to declare the kurdish group in northern syria with which it's a light itself why p.g. as a terrorist organization that's not going to happen the u.s. has made clear so we'll have to see if turkey stands on this statement as a way to block further progress on anything of course turkey has a lot it wants from other allies it wants the patriot missile systems to remain in turkey it once more back up on in northern syria so this is a bargaining chip and we'll see how turkey plays out with a y p g but the u.s. defense secretary on his way to london said it's not going to happen that the y.p. g. is declared a terrorist group by the united states at least until we have to remind us all these nato need is there to mock the 17th anniversary of need to or even may be celebrated but all these divisions you're talking about and really hearing does it seem to need to reinvent itself to better align itself to the new realities of the
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world. that's something nato has been facing for a long time since the end of the cold war and i don't think anyone would argue that it doesn't need to reinvent itself of course nothing organized after world war 2 is going to be relevant today that's why they declared cyberspace as an operational domain that's why here at this meeting tomorrow they're going to add space as a 5th operational demain the alliance does need to adapt to challenges it just didn't expect that most of those challenges on its 70th birthday would be coming from inside instead of outside it's definitely looking more like a birthday bash than a celebration of the right terry chanson london keep track of the developments and of course we get back to you when you have more news thank you very much for that update from london. some of the stories making news around the world die from comrie has lashed the philippines bringing to rancher rains and
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winds topping 150 kilometers more than 200000 people have fled to safety and at least 3 people have been killed organizers of the southeast asian games have had to cancel some of the events. north korean leader kim jong un has opened a flagship construction project near the mountain where his family claims its roots state media here the revamped city some gian as the effort to me of modern civilization the so-called socialist utopia includes housing commercial facilities and a ski resort. a powerful storm that caused havoc in american midwest has moved on to the north east more than half a meter of snow is forecast in some areas some $4000.00 flights have been cast and . the teenage climate change activists gratitude is due to land back in europe shortly after crossing the atlantic by boat the catamaran
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carrying is approaching the portuguese capital lisbon has been attending a climate protests in the united states used to fly back to europe because of the carbon emissions involved from lisbon she'd gone to the u.n. climate summit in madrid. and where the expos there are warning that this decade is on track to be the hottest on record the world material logical organization paints a bleak picture of vanishing ice devastating heat waves and encroaching seas sobering evidence for the delegates at the summit the focus right now is on who will launch real action against climate change last year a new record was set with humans pumping more gigatons of greenhouse gases into the environment than ever before now at the un climate conference in madrid spain delegates from around the world are expected to get clear on exactly how they'll take action moving forward. u.n.
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secretary general antonio terra's said the war against nature must stop do we really want could be remembered as the generation that birdie burying the sands. while the planet burns. and the pressure is on the last 5 years where the warmest since humans began recording temperatures extreme weather events are more common sea levels continue to rise to dangerous new levels. pollution in the atmosphere and in our oceans is devastating ecosystems. but so far most countries are still heading in the wrong direction scientists say the vital markers of climate change are predicted to rise not fall in the coming decade emerging economies are burning more coal and the us one of the
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largest producers of greenhouse gas emissions pulled out of the paris agreement the u.s. delegation says that will change. unfortunately we are having to fight our way through a bit of a. blocked by the fossil fuel industry but that will not prevail meanwhile europe is setting its sights on leadership the new head of the european commission ursula vander lyon said europe is prepping to blaze the trail to an economy that prioritizes eco friendly innovation climate. 2015 the european green deal is europe's new growth strategy it will cut emissions while also creating jobs funder lion said the e.u. wants to create a transition to climate neutrality that is irreversible with plans to invest one trillion euro in the next decade to make europe the 1st climate neutral continent
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in the world the race is on to see who can create leadership that finally brings results. as i mentioned by the experts as saying this decade is likely to have been the hottest on record in some parts of the world that means expanding deserts and shrinking farmlands south africa skardu region is suffering its a worst drought in a century its oldest and its has been patched but with dab stranding drive farmers have to decide whether to keep their livestock alive or let them die it's a grim choice and one that other places the chinking what a surprise could be facing as a planet gets. your highness' fun runs bug drives past what used to be a field of a god days on his farm today there is nothing left. wrong the non-food they are the missing get out they all died in 17 fun runs bugs farm
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is located in south africa's great career the region is naturally dry but a severe drought is now taking its toll on humans and animals. this is their words that are that all beaming forth but out that all gone through this one was through is about to be obviously the length of this that out it's now lost the way we are another thing is. we are not being assisted anyway by by the government of the day. the dry land means there is no grazing so to keep his 2 and a half 1000 sheep and goats alive fun runs book has to spend $9000.00 u.s. dollars a month many families have to slaughter the animals all file for bankruptcy and with many dams now completely dried up the provincial government recently declared
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the eastern cape province a disaster area but farmers and residents a still waiting for supporters wendy tunes he has been living in the career town of gras fry net her whole life and we should go tap dry and the toilets weren't flush . the children are getting infection people are getting sick what he needs with. the town's water trucks don't come regularly and wendy is disappointed with the local authorities blow them for the oil of the. world had over a week with. a friend natch is among the worst affected towns dams and rivers a bone dry in april the municipality received $30000000.00 rand that's more than 200000 u.s. dollars in drought relief we try to find out what the money has been spent on and if
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a water management plan is in place but the mayor isn't available for an interview in the south african disaster relief organization gift of the givers has now stepped in the end drills bore holes and distributes drinking water to the community he struck enough water to supply at least 2000 children within. the very day from now on until the municipality is back on track and they can take to the patient back and they can run their great. it seems accountability and good governance and needed here every bit as much as rainfall is. you're watching the news coming up ahead the riskiest searching sea we know it's a photographer who feels his unique bond with the ocean waves.
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but 1st the results of the latest study by the program for international student assessment or pisa have just been published it compares academic performances of high school students around the world now students from a group of 4 chinese. provinces got the best score what 5th place still india was the highest ranked nation from europe germany is still middle of the road as far as industrialized nations go in 28 position but the study found that students did worse than 3 years ago in all main areas including reading science and mathematics . new this time is a focus on reading literacy in a digital age now the results show that only one in 10 students in germany is able to distinguish facts from opinions or fiction and that german schools really use digital media in their teaching if you visited a school in berlin that has integrated distilled literacy into it's time to use but
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also knows about the struggles that you may. have said today anamika aca months is using this report about greater turnback and to teach these schoolchildren how to recognize fake news the students are asked to critically analyze every detail of the text and it's a picture since a tractor to do ok so you think there's also. a bit yeah i also think it's anyone can write anything the website ok we are learning about democracy and one very important part is that you are a critical consumer and that you know ok not only are we fighting for the environment that is for future that is one part of it. but also that you. ok what is what am i reading actually is this true is not true how do i do with it what it trying to tell me is proper or not and there's
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a lot online it's of them scary to see what the kids get on their phones for the international and that's mandela school in berlin has received awards for its digital education at this great school classroom has 4 tablets and 3 computers making it better equipped than most other schools. to get it really good and there will always be marketed knowledge and cool technological inventions we don't want to wake up in 2030 and realize we got stuck in 2019. and i didn't think that then very yet if we can scratch the surface of these subjects today then tomorrow we'll understand more sometimes the teachers themselves get in the way of learning many are skeptical of technology or don't want to admit that they don't understand something so they don't integrate digital media into the educational process. it doesn't rule out as teachers you know we are
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still very important i would say because we have to manage that we have to provide that material for them. we are sort of like the guide on the side not longer the sage on the stage do the students integrate digital media into their lives after school of course lily and elaine can't wait until school is over to check their cell phones and see what they missed during the school day what's going on i use what's app a lot i like what's up snap chat and take talk because there are a lot of fun which. you can make your own videos but they should also learn how to correctly gauge the dangers of the internet. to the news in chile dozens of students have staged protests at metro stations around the capital santiago he jumped on stiles and had to commute as a boy paid for tickets angle over
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a fare hike triggered the still ongoing mass demonstrations in chile with protesters highlighting widespread inequality. authorities in mexico hunting cartel gunmen behind an attack which left $22.00 people dead it happened via close to the u.s. border dozens of gunmen sprayed houses and the city horde with bullets government workers and police officers among the dead. finland's prime minister until then a has resigned over his government's handling of a 2 week post and strike social democrat did not quit after one of his coalition fatah said it had lost confidence in him the current administration will stay on until a new one is formed. britain's prince andrew may have to give evidence over his dealings with the lead to sex offender jeffrey epstein who allegedly who is alleged to have trafficked underage girls to celebrities and the rich and powerful u.s.
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dealers want to subpoena the prince the woman who accused him of forcing her to have sex when she was 71 has appealed to the british public for support. right by. another football is 50 just ballon d'or award megan rapinoe of the u.s. and tina's boss in a study on n.s.e. have been awarded best female and male players of the respectively a max merit from the sport is here to tell a small welcome back. to peta was quite clearly a favorite going into this award but why do you think the judging panel chose well i think 1st and foremost she had an amazing year with the women's national team of the usa she won the world cup becoming versus being voted as the player of the tournament as well as being the joint top scorer with 6 goals but also off the pitch she's had an incredible year really becoming an icon of women's football and transcending the sport like few other female players have we can we can see here
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you know she has been given loads of speeches this year becoming a real public figure and i think that might have contributed to it too but women's football the international game is valued a bit of a club football there and lost is when i say hey you're back only made 4th place despite winning the champions league again and has she reacted to the way we have megan rapinoe was actually not at the ceremony she was unable to attend it's not clear exactly why but we can have a look at the instagram post that she posted as a reaction praising her team repeatedly and we can see the very last right at the end of the post she said we all long and while i'm truly honored to win the bottom 2 i'd like to accept this on behalf of a source of very much putting the team at the center of when absolutely and so inclusive in such an icon now on the mend. it was much closer to missy has won for the record 6 times but what was his ia like well last season it was a great season by anyone's standards maybe not by his so individually he scored 50
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goals in 51 games but he only won the spanish league title and nothing else but there wasn't all too much competition let's see what he had to say about his record when. you know that i mean it was unimaginable for me to think i could win one bottle and all never mind 6 but it's a pleasure to have so many and be the only one with 61 and it's great that there's recognition and that makes me very proud. it was. so congratulations to him and see that many fans of liverpool. hoping that he might win what went against him well a lot of a lot of experts and fans were hoping that maybe he would get in there because usually when i'll do a messy albeit last year was luca moderates but of on dyke he had a fantastic season winning the champions league with liverpool and winning the nation's league with the netherlands but defenders usually come short when it comes to only 4 defensive players have won the ball and on his history the last time that
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happened was in 2006 fabio kind of otto because you know you don't have those goals stats that make you look a bit more attractive to voters you don't have that flashy type of play and they fall short and it was a shame i think because if any if at any time in recent history a defender has had a standout year it was it was this year with virgil van dyke so maybe now the time for him. says thank you very much. now in the northern hemisphere it's that time of fear when the oceans are at their most still brilliant ripped out by winter winds the british photographer rachel taliban has a love of the sea the specially the reeds the hometown on the southeast coast of england her photos capture the power and the mystery of the sea to look. when the sea churns and whales when the tides come in and gales with the water
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that's when british way photographer rachel tal of art springs into action. is just going to wash away stress to make sure. on the beaches of england south east coast she takes spectacular photos of the scene as if she were out in the midst of it. it. photographing waves means dealing with a constantly changing subject. that if you can see that if you get one really big way the next year immediately after it is at this speech and many beaches will for safety be. safe there are people who see the 1st before i take a picture and then they're looking at the camera there's 2 more coming. rachael tonopah drew international attention with her photo series sirens she took the
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pictures during a special intense storms involving winds up to 150 kilometers per hour and waves as high as 15 meters it was the day the february try to 60 which are storm images and i spent the day here exactly where we are now and it was 6 hours of actually exhausting it's really pretty and photographer. she gave every wave she photographed for the series a name. taken from methodology. limon poseidon making the giant waves seem like raging gaunts or demons. if you freeze the sea at a really fast shutter speed a 1000th of a 2nd well there abouts there are amazing shapes and this is an example this one is called loki the norse trickster god looks like how can a good law for. the photographer has only was love the seas mysterious and an
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earthly qualities but she also senses that now it poses an entirely new kind of menace i've spent a lifetime looking out to see i'm not this coast and i'm not a scientist but it fails to me that the incidence of severe storms on this coast has grown which from the photographic perspective based quite exciting but is obviously also has other ramifications. but when the sea becomes smooth and tranquil at any time it's time for rachel tom the party to head home again. here's a recap of the top story that your fall big fee you. president donald trump has attacked france's president mccraw for calling nato brain dead trump said france needed the alliance more than any other member but he also said the u.s.
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benefited least afford from nato which is marking its 70th anniversary. it was in the deadly news coming to you live from berlin up next our current affairs documentary close up with a look at how artists are taking part in the protests in hong kong and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on the website as the dot com i'm glad she mocked the company. come up.
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to. art for the resistance it plays a central role for the demonstrators in hong kong. artists immortalized the heroes and victims of the protests in their works which keeps the spark of the uprising alive but at what price. and freedom in hong kong.
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close up next on d w. 2 cars and now to look at me affectionately which was affectionately as you can. slam your putin right in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali months asian culture and much more of the determination about a bunch of the move of course assumes the film secretly kroner cold a power grab actually everything was with us iceland and structure. featuring top supporting roles. just to go in the us because i'm sure to the freedom of russia.
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and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before you're going to let me be clear with you i have to act in ways that i feel necessary to people who simply understand that. to follow me or that a marriage to the ends justify the means. to most witnesses starts december 13th on t.w. . but these time there was a growth. and there's no one. for months hong kong citizens have been demonstrating more and more of a safer asli against china's increasing restriction of their freedom ah i.
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was i thought out the protests.


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